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GOToken is the ParkinGO utility token that allows you to purchase any network services in a fast and innovative way.

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Innovating Mobility through the blockchain


Innovators since 1995

In 1995 our first ParkinGO software was written in MS-DOS and automatically managed capacity, seasonal demand and pricing.

Our first location at Milano Malpensa

ParkinGO was born in Italy to meet the growing demand for parking areas near the airport of Milan Malpensa and soon becomes the leading parking network for all travellers. In the years that follow, ParkinGO expands through the direct management of parking locations at prime airports through an affiliation and franchising business model at other airports. Today the Group has over 55 locations across Europe, all in continuous expansion.

Opening of new ParkinGO locations, and the idea of a network is born

The development of the network begins and the know-how acquired over the first six years of activity allows the opening of further offices at Milan Linate, Bergamo and Fiumicino.

The franchising program begins

The ParkinGO business model generates strong interest in the airport parking sector with the first locations added through the franchising project in Turin and Verona. Today there are 28 ParkinGO locations at Italian airports.

Opening of the first ParkinGO Cruise franchise

Not just airports. ParkinGO also becomes a network of port carparks thanks to the opening of the Civitavecchia and Venice port offices, guaranteeing a service much appreciated by cruise ship passengers. Today there are nine ParkinGO Cruise facilities.

From simple carparks to a mobility platform

ParkinGO transforms and evolves with the integration of

Its aim: to become a mobility platform offering 360-degree services across the automotive and airport world.

The FastParking brand is acquired

The second Italian airport parking network is acquired, allowing new synergies to be created within ParkinGO and expanding its range of services by targeting different customer targets.

Expansion in Europe begins

The franchising project meets with an excellent response also in Europe. In addition to Italy where ParkinGO has, for years, been an industry leader in airport carparks, we now address the needs of travellers from Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today there are 80 ParkinGO location at European airports and ports.

GetMyCar, P2P car sharing

Launch of the GetMyCar project, peer-to-peer car sharing. The mission is to revolutionize the world of mobility starting from the concept of use and possession of cars. Like Airbnb for apartments, GetMyCar offers users a platform to share owners' unused cars with others who need a car to drive and own, only one when it’s needed.

GOToken and Blockchain

GOToken is born, the first cryptocurrency to spend on real services: those of the ParkinGO world. It is introduced into its business processes to ensure transparency across all 2.5 million customer transactions every year.


Lease GO is ParkinGO long-term car rental. With Lease GO the company becomes a real mobility hub.


Our first location at Milano Malpensa
Opening of new ParkinGO locations, and the idea of a network is born
The franchising program begins
Opening of the first ParkinGO Cruise franchise
From simple carparks to a mobility platform
The FastParking brand is acquired
Expansion in Europe begins
GetMyCar, P2P car sharing
GOToken and Blockchain
Lease GO


Today ParkinGO is a renowned business and the market leader for the airport carparking sector.


ParkinGO launches its token sale, implements Blockchain within its company processes and continues its international expansion.


Q2 2018
ICO event
Q3 2018
Token fully usable after 30 days from ICO
Q4 2018
ParkinGO expansion in Europe
Q1 2019
GO Car Rental, parking and car rental everywhere in Europe.
Q2 2019
First flagships store in Madrid
Q3 2019
ParkinGO STO, a new security token
Q4 2019
First review on GOT Net Blockchain
Q1 2020
ParkinGO celebrates the 100 facilities milestone

Advantages of GOToken

GOT is a utility token that allows you to access to exclusive advantages of the ParkinGO network:

Best price guaranteed
Paying with GOToken always guarantees you the best price.
Exclusive services
Paying in GOToken gives you access to many exclusive services and gadgets that await you at check-in.


  • GOT Net

    ParkinGO Blockchain. With GOT Net customers' feedback can't be manipulated.

  • New Mobility

    The automotive world is costantly evolving. To face this challange ParkinGO creates new services that fits travellers' needs.

  • Energy & sustainability

    Every ParkinGO has a E-charging station for all customers.
    Next Step: Full-electric shuttle buses to cut CO2 emission.


"ParkinGO has to date the aim of creating value for itself and others!"
Giuliano Rovelli

  • Giuliano Rovelli
    Founder & CEO
  • Davide Rovelli
  • Silvio Cavallo
  • Gemma Voces Pons
    Affiliation Manager
  • Ilaria Costa
    Customer Care Manager
  • Valeria Luini
    Visual Designer
  • Fabrizio Perra
    Content Manager
  • Tommy Tognella
  • Eleonora Altana
    Blockchain developer
  • Giulia Sapio
    Visual Designer
  • Stefano Pierobon
    Mobile developer
  • Fortunato Fatiga
    Front-end developer
  • Marco Lucchetti
  • Mohammad Ramadani